Nurturing experimentation platform

Converting your leads into clients by applying nurturing strategies and experiments

Are you pushing your leads hard enough?


2% leads

On average, between 2% to 5% of your website visitors will make contact with you and maybe convert into clients

40% more

On average, smart client nurturing pushes 40% more people to buy your product or service. The power of follow-ups and more

We’re helping to get more clients by applying a smart, automated nurturing process that will not give up even when you think it's over

What this software can do


It's taking care of your clients from first contact to the bargaining stage (if necessary). It cares even if your employee forgets about it

Push, Push, Push

It's adapting to the client's behavior and pushing him to go forward. Whatever effect you want to achieve: Contact, Sell or Appoint


Even if you think it's over, the rescue mode can be applied and recover the lead. Securing your churn rate


The software can use various communication channels in different scenarios. Send SMS, VMS, Email, Call, Chat, and connect with human


You can apply experiments to check the different behaviors of your potential clients to a proposed form of selling. To find the most effective way of remote closing

Sell & Appoint

You can apply a selling to a nurturing process. Could you let your client build a product from selected options and variants? Let him pay for it, and push him if he didn't finish the process

All of this under the limitless automation possibilities provided by our technology:

What areas of business it affects and transform


It improves or transform the way your current marketing campaigns works. You can attach this software to your current campaign and increase covertion rates


It helps to keep the lead alive a long enough to grow into clients. The lead "carrying" process will affect your sales team, mostly by automating things


It helps to improve the support process in the pre-sales stage on the client lifecycle scheme. Automatd support during that process reduce costs and increase profits


It's a programmable platform™

This platform is part of the environment. This means you can use it without technical knowledge, however, if you want you can build your own code on top of it, customizing the software for your specific needs

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No-code! Friendly

You can go through our cloud equipped with simple wizards to start using a tool if you're a business person

Integrated with dgX tools

This software is connected with other dgX software products. You can create data flow between the systems

dgAPI-driven and SDK

This software is API-driven. You can connect to it with external software. You can also build controllers based on our coding platform and SDK

dgAI support

This software is connected with dgAI platform that allows you to support the process with the help of Artificial Intelligence