Uberization platform

Build logistic, sharing economy, marketplace and affiliation platform with automated revenue

What industry you can uberize. We can do all


72% of Americans

Approximately 72% of Americans have used a shared service or app, 50% have purchased used or secondhand goods online, and 15%have used online ride-hailing apps

$1.5B Share

BCCResearch expects the global sharing economy market to grow much higher and reach 1.5 trillion USD by 2024.

We’re helping to uberize everything by creating a space that connects operators, suppliers, and clients in different forms of service

What this software can do


It is as simple as connecting people that offer something with those who need it. Simplicity in a nutshell


It provides the ordering app or website for operators that can be provided to clients (like the Uber app or Airbnb page)


It provides the execution app or website for people who are taking the jobs that are coming from clients (operator app)


The platform allows to automatic evaluation of the sharing economy task or job depending on various factors like distance, type, location, and more


The platform allows to automatic split of the payment between the parties (platform operator and service provider).

Live tracking

The platform is equipped with all the necessary tools to keep an eye on your business like live tracking, messaging, and communication

All of this under the limitless automation possibilities provided by our technology:


It's a programmable platform™

This platform is part of the dgX.dev environment. This means you can use it without technical knowledge, however, if you want you can build your own code on top of it, customizing the software for your specific needs

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No-code! Friendly

You can go through our cloud equipped with simple wizards to start using a tool if you're a business person

Integrated with dgX tools

This software is connected with other dgX software products. You can create data flow between the systems

dgAPI-driven and SDK

This software is API-driven. You can connect to it with external software. You can also build controllers based on our coding platform and SDK

dgAI support

This software is connected with dgAI platform that allows you to support the process with the help of Artificial Intelligence