We allow cost-efficient software experimentation to drive change in process, workflow, and client satisfaction

Why software experimentation is worth your time?


$116,638 on average

The national average salary for a Software Engineer in the US is $116,638, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that Glassdoor considers it one of the best jobs in 2022

$36,000 on average

The average software development project takes 4.5 months to build and costs $36,000. Enterprise projects take 6 months and cost $120,000 on average

We’re helping to find solutions and ideas by software x-periments that do not require high budgets and wide IT staff

Find new solutions and opportunities with ease

Core benefits of applying X-perimentation strategy

Improve process

We help to create or improve process automation in your organisation that increases revenue, efficiency and happiness of your clients, employees or partners

Create opportunities

We help to find new products as value added services. Create opportunities that improves your revenue, effectivness or simply change the direction of your business

Reduce costs

We help to reduce costs from many different perspectives: Software Development, Staff reduction, Business Maintaince, Location and logistics


It's a programmable platform™

This platform is part of the dgX.dev environment. This means you can use it without technical knowledge, however, if you want you can build your own code on top of it, customizing the software for your specific needs

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No-code! Friendly

You can go through our cloud equipped with simple wizards to start using a tool if you're a business person

Integrated with dgX tools

This software is connected with other dgX software products. You can create data flow between the systems

dgAPI-driven and SDK

This software is API-driven. You can connect to it with external software. You can also build controllers based on our coding platform and SDK

dgAI support

This software is connected with dgAI platform that allows you to support the process with the help of Artificial Intelligence