Online shopping platform

Build shops, sell, receive and process orders, returns, stock, shipping, manage online business

We’re helping to build your online shops by creating a space where people can build their online shops, receive and process orders

What this software can do


It gathers in one place people who are interested in your company, product, idea, expertise, or subject


It engages people so they can interact with you or each other for a better understanding and evolution of your brand


The side-effect of the platform are experts, fans, brand-lovers, enthusiasts, awarness and stalkers


The platform's e-learning capabilities allow you to apply education strategy to your community and create a brand subject enthusiast or influencer


The platform allows you to build partnerships and loyalty programs with your audience. This is the best way to increase the number of your clients in an organic way


You can use it in free or paid mode. With numerous monetization options, you can sell memberships, lifetimes, additional support, build internal online shops, and more

All of this under the limitless automation possibilities provided by our technology:

What areas of business it affects and transform


Keeping the client close to you build awarness, loyalty and trust. This affect one general thing in every organization, retention. Your clients will stay longer with you


By educating clients about your products, building awarness around it or affiliate program you affect the numbers in your sales. And that's the cheapest marketing cost you can get


A right communication increases the client satisfaction. This will have a several benefits on your organization, helping you to grow faster and more effiecient


It's a programmable platform™

This platform is part of the environment. This means you can use it without technical knowledge, however, if you want you can build your own code on top of it, customizing the software for your specific needs

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No-code! Friendly

You can go through our cloud equipped with simple wizards to start using a tool if you're a business person

Integrated with dgX tools

This software is connected with other dgX software products. You can create data flow between the systems

dgAPI-driven and SDK

This software is API-driven. You can connect to it with external software. You can also build controllers based on our coding platform and SDK

dgAI support

This software is connected with dgAI platform that allows you to support the process with the help of Artificial Intelligence